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Getting pulled over for a traffic violation can fill you with dread whether this is your first offense or one of many. You may believe that paying the ticket right away is your best option when it really isn’t. Pleading guilty to a traffic violation can cause your insurance rate to skyrocket and may jeopardize your driving privileges.

Before you make a costly mistake, contact Kottemann Law Firm, LLC. We offer free consultations to Louisiana residents and out-of-state visitors because we want you to know how your decisions may affect you in the long term. Our firm’s founder, Stanley C. Kottemann Jr., has extensive experience with traffic matters, having represented thousands of clients in the New Orleans metro over 25 years. With our team by your side, you can be sure that we will pursue the most economical and effective approach to protecting your license.

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Using Our Local Insight To Get Results

Attorney Kottemann is a native New Orleans resident, born, raised and educated in Louisiana. As a former assistant district attorney for the Parish of Orleans, he understands how to navigate legal procedures and challenge tickets in court. You benefit from this local insight because attorney Kottemann knows how to present an argument that resonates with judges.

Mr. Kottemann is well-respected in the area for his grasp of the law and his ethical conduct. His words carry weight in and out of traffic court, which can help you receive the best outcome according to your situation. With his assistance, our clients have had their fines dismissed or lowered.

There are many attorneys in the area who take traffic ticket cases, but few offer the individualized representation that we do at Kottemann Law Firm, LLC. Whether you are contesting a speeding ticket, a DUI violation or another violation, attorney Kottemann will personally handle all matters related to your case.

The attorney you choose can make a difference in your case’s outcome. Partner with our firm to get the high-quality, results-driven representation you deserve.

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